Kari Traa

Kari Traa Lise Top

Kari Traa Lise Top developed for all types of energetic work..

Kari Traa Nora Jacket

The Kari Traa Nora Jacket is a clean cut running jacket that..

Kari Traa Sjolvsagt Tights

The kari traa selvsagt tights are a perfect companion for gi..

Kari Traa Var

A light support sports bra made from soft material that quic..

Kari Traa Opplagt Tights

Kari Traa The obvious tightsen is a functional high-heeled w..

Kari Traa Nora Tee

The Kari Traa Nora Tee is a classic short sleeve training sh..

Kari Traa Driva

A high support sports bra with warm, molded cups, laminated ..

Kari Traa Nora Tights

The Kari Traa Nora Tights are all season training pants focu..

Kari Traa Trud

A medium support sports bra that features mesh panels for hi..

Kari Traa Toril Tee

The Kari Traa Toril Tee is a loose silhouette tee-shirt comf..